This isle is the second largest Aeolian island (26.8 km2). It was named after the little salted lake of Lingua lying at the south-eastern tip of Santa Marina where the inhabitants once used to gather the salt needed to preserve capers and fish. This centrally located isle, lying two miles from Lipari, is the only Aeolian island (out of seven) covered with blooming vegetation suitable for agriculture thanks to its many water sources.

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More than 400 different types of plants grow here. It is also the island with the highest peaks such as the three volcanoes that originated it: Monte Fossa delle Felci (962 m), which is partially covered by one of the most beautiful strawberry tree woods of the entire Mediterranean; Monte dei Porri (860 m); and Monte Rivi (850 m). Besides the three villages of Santa Marina  (the biggest), Malfa and Leni there are also five hamlets: Lingua, Rinella, Valdichiesa, Pollara and Torricella. , too, can take pride in its past during the Bronze Age, which is demon- strated by a grave, found in Malfa, dating back to the third millennium B.C. The remains are exhibited in the Archeological Museum of Lipari.

Spiagge BiancheSpiagge BiancheSpiagge BiancheSpiagge Bianche

Spiagge BiancheSpiagge BiancheSpiagge BiancheSpiagge Bianche


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